Homosassa Inshore Fishing Weekly Report 3/8

A very cool fish that has become a standard “talk around the dock” is our Nature Coast Snook. A colder than normal January took a toll on the snook population, but from the reports of local anglers and guides, snook fishing is good. When I was growing up snook were a fish of legends, apparitions up at the Blue Waters.
At MacRae’s in Homosassa, Mr. Duncan would sell wild shiners for bass anglers but I remember most of them were used for catching snook up the river. So that being said, snook have always been around, but I have to say there are more of them now than ever. We can blame it on warmer winters but I believe it is our warm fresh water springs that protect them from cold winters, saltwater intrusion, and conservation. I believe keeping one for dinner every now and again is not a big deal if you’re lucky enough to catch one in the slot. Being lucky enough to experience one rip 40 yards of line off the reel, jump like a tarpon and show it’s bucket mouth while it cuts your leader is better than eating one. 
At this time most snook have come from sandy holes on the outside keys, rocky/oyster points near deep drops along channels, and the edges of a hole in the backcountry. Live shrimp, pinfish, or D.O.A. glow 5.5 jerk baits will get the bite. The trout bite has moved out to deeper water near the Foul Area and a few Spanish mackerel are mixed in. The incoming high tide will be early morning and very late evening this weekend.
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