Opinion: Challenges of living and owning a business in Crystal River


You have to dig thru the swamp to get the answer, but here it is.

The city of Crystal River wants your money! Mr. Brown said it best, Chronicle article 2/3/18 Opinion section. “It scares me when we talk about reductions,” Brown said. “If we don’t invest in our communities, companies won’t want to come here.”

Wow, no wonder Crystal River went up on permit fees, added a trolly system, charge a permit fee for a garage sale, harass business owners for multiple business licenses even when sharing a tax ID, added golf carts to collect a fee, charge for using a boat ramps, charge for parking, what’s next? No wonder we see people leaving our community in a regular basis. Publicizing it in the chronicle as if they are proud of it, been saving the sound offs and opinions for years. We have requested a list of businesses within Crystal River city limits and the city can not provide one. Very Interesting. How can you collect fees and not be able to provide documents that show who paid. There are approximately 3,100 residents and ??? How many businesses. Higher and additional fees to come. Get ready businesses and residents.

Can you imagine what’s to come if the Taj Mahal (new city hall) is built. Most meetings have been conducted on a friend’s invite only. We have been trying to get invited to share the story with you for months. To no avail. We are not part of the in crowd. We are calling for public transparency when trying to shape our Tiny Town of Crystal River. The residents want to be part of the solution. We also want our town to Open For Business!  Stop running businesses and residents off. A new resident and business liaison is needed immediately.

Think of this, it seems interesting that city council is coming up with a process for the building department. Sounds like they are trying to micromanage staff from meeting room. Allow department heads to handle their department and if they can’t, maybe it’s time for a more qualified individual to run the department.

Stop harassing people about signs. All of your Signs regarding golf carts do not meet FDOT safety standards. Look at yourself before harassing others trying to make a living! It’s not your process it’s your approach. We have a huge list of them.

Businesses owners and residents can spend their money better than the government can. Less government and more efficient spending is needed within the City of Crystal River for proper growth to occur. Until then, hold on tight.

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Rocco Foley
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