Doug Dodd seeks re-election to Citrus County School Board


Dodd files for re-election

Doug Dodd, current Chairman of the Citrus County School Board and School Board Member, has filed to run for re-election.

Dodd is entering the fourth year of his first term as School Board Member, Seat 3.

He filed on February 2nd, becoming the first CCSB candidate to file during this election cycle.

Seat 1, held by incumbent, Thomas Kennedy, and Seat 5, held by incumbent, Linda B. Powers, are also scheduled this cycle.

Motivations behind running for a second term

During a phone interview with the Suncoast Standard, Dodd mapped out why he’s running, beginning with school safety.  “I’m about safe schools, with my background in law enforcement.”

His law enforcement career spanned 26 years, and for ten of those years, he served as a Citrus County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer.

He continued, “I want fiscally-sound schools. The largest part of local tax dollars go to education. I want to be a good steward. And I want our schools to be academically solid.”

Dodd acknowledged that providing quality education is challenging, especially with frequent state-level changes. “We have to deal with state mandates. We have to look at how they pass legislation that we have to adhere to. Sometimes standards change but we continue to be a highly-performing school district.”

The candidate’s goals

As sitting Chairman of CCSB, Dodd is seeking to maintain the high level of decorum and civility found in recent years. He adds, “I want to build consensus. We’ve got a great Board, a strong board with hearts in the right place, with all areas of expertise. We may not always agree but we stay away from anger.”

Dodd is also seeking to maintain a high level of involvement during meetings. He has included additional comment time for the public at the end of the meetings.

Speaking of collaboration, the candidate recently attended the 3rd Annual Elected Officials Summit and felt that the meeting was productive. “We’re part of a great community. Strong schools are an important part in attracting working families. And, that’s a part of economic development.”

New role, new perspective

In September, Dodd got selected to sit on the Florida High School Athletic Association’s Board to fill a vacancy. The new role offered the candidate a fresh perspective on athletics and extra-curricular activities. Being selected was a “nice honor, having an opportunity to impact interscholastic competition. I see as kids get involved with activities and sports, it keeps kids in school. In a way, it’s dropout prevention.”

Additional candidate background

Dodd has a Masters degree in Education from the University of Mississippi. His four children are products of Citrus County schools. Three daughters have already graduated from Citrus High School while his seventh-grade son attends Inverness Middle School.

For more information about the candidate, he may be e-mailed at or by calling (352) 637-3519.












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