‘American Pickers’ may shoot an episode in our area

But it will take the involvement of local residents to attract the show to the Suncoast Region

'American Pickers'
Photo: Evan Linden, Cineflix

History Channel’s ‘American Pickers’

Since 2010, the reality TV show, ‘American Pickers,’ has been a mainstay on the History Channel. This winter, the show’s production team is planning a trip to Florida. ‘American Pickers’ is well-known for showcasing rare items owned by individuals. The show’s producers not only seek items that may potentially be sold to the hosts. They also seek intriguing personal narratives.

‘American Pickers’ contacted the Standard today

Evan Linden, a representative for the show and an employee of Cineflix USA, contacted the Suncoast Standard today. According to Linden, “The hosts, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, are looking for people in [our] area with unique antique collections and interesting stories behind them.”

Linden made no promises or assurances that any element of the Florida episode will take place in our area. However, he didn’t rule that out, either. “It all depends on how many good picks we find in the area.”

What Linden did make clear is that if local residents wanted to be part of the Florida winter episode, they need to contact the show soon. “Please make sure people who have one of a kind items to sell reach out to us on our phone number 1-855-OLD-RUST (653-7878), or our email, which is AmericanPickers@cineflix.com.”

So what put our area on the radar?

According to Linden, “every region has it’s own unique history, so Mike and Frank try to visit as many areas of the country as they can.  The people of the south are so incredibly warm, and have such a rich history, it’s always an interesting place to pick!”

The hosts of ‘American Pickers’ first posted about a show being shot in Florida on a January 3rd Facebook post, as seen here.

Linden also took the time to make another point clear: “Mike and Frank only pick private collections so no stores, malls, flea markets, museums, auctions, businesses or anything open to the public.”

Will ‘American Pickers’ ultimately shoot an episode or part of episode in our area?

It seems that it will be up to local residents who own rare collections, or a slice of history, to contact the show directly.

At press time, it is not yet known if the Visitors and Convention Bureau Departments of Citrus, Marion, Hernando, and Sumter counties are planning to actively communicate with producers of the show or attempt to reach local residents via social media and other means.


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