Dr. John Gelin: 45 years of service and still going strong

Dr. John Gelin
Photo: Rob Spivey/Suncoast Standard Commemorative Plaque for Dr. John Gelin

Inverness, FL–Citrus High School celebrated Dr. John Gelin’s 45 years of service this month.

Dr. Gelin was joined by CHS staff and community members to commemorate his ongoing dedication to CHS sports programs. “Doc,” as he is affectionately called, quipped that his “car broke down in 1972 and Inverness, Florida seemed as good a place as any.”

Athletic Director, Larry Bishop, started the evening by saying, “This is not a retirement celebration by any means. We are here to celebrate Dr. Gelin’s service and dedication.” Principal Laura Mason, and former athlete at CHS, spoke how as principal it is great to have Doc on the sidelines for her school, but that “as a Mom during Friday night lights when your kid [Cody Russell, football, #12] is putting himself out there on the line, it’s comforting to know that Dr. Gelin is always there.” Retired coach, James Martone, said, “Doc Gelin never loses his cool.” John Edel, Chorus Director, brought Category 5, and they serenaded Dr. Gelin with an a capella-version of “Stitches.”

Doc Gelin
Photo: Rob Spivey/Suncoast Standard Pictured, as follows: left: Laura Mason, Principal of CHS, center: Dr. John Gelin, right: Larry Bishop, CHS Athletic Director

Among community members in attendance were current Superintendent of Schools, Sandra “Sam” Himmel, former Superintendent Jimmy Hughes, Board Member Doug Dodd, CHS Administrative Staff Shelby Kaskie, Todd Goolsby, and Phil McLeod. Multiple coaches and CHS staff members were also present, as well as Sonny’s of Inverness staff, who served a BBQ dinner for the attendants of the event Mark Tenace, Sonny’s manager, said that through the Random Acts of Kindness program, he “gets to help celebrate local heroes who dedicate service to others and that is the best part of his job.”

Larry Bishop closed the evening by gifting Football Jersey #1 to Dr. Gelin. Bishop, like Principal Mason, was once an athlete at CHS while Doc Gelin was on the sidelines, then a Coach. Bishop’s daughter, Shelby Kaskie, was also a former CHS athlete. It seems that with 45 years of service to CHS, there must be many stories like these to share. Dr. Gelin is a credit to our community and a great addition to the CHS Hurricane Family. In a time where it seems “every man for himself” is the common attitude, it is refreshing to know that Dr. Gelin has chosen the path less traveled. I wish that we would all follow his lead.

Doc Gelin
Photo: Rob Spivey/Suncoast Standard
Pictured: Doc Gelin, surrounded by this family, during his commemoration of service ceremony

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