Beverly Hills Civic Association to host the Suncoast Standard and the Path tonight

Beverly Hills Civic Association
Photo: Lou Newman

Beverly Hills, FL–The Beverly Hills Civic Association has invited the Suncoast Standard newspaper and the Path of Citrus County to address issues important to the Beverly Hills community on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 7 PM at the Central Ridge Community Center located at 77 Civic Circle.

In June, 2017, the Suncoast Standard received an anonymous tip related to the closing of the Village Inn, a restaurant located within the Beverly Hills Motel, that had served patrons over the span of four decades. A simple sign posted to the closed restaurant prompted the tip, dated on June 12th.

The tipster went on to state that the Path of Citrus County had bought out the Beverly Hills Motel and asked the Suncoast Standard to investigate further.

After extending an offer to DuWayne Sipper, Executive Director of the Path of Citrus County, to address the Standard‘s Editorial Board, and taking the time to research the local homelessness issue, the Standard printed the headline “Citrus County non-profits tackle homeless problem” on July 28th.

According to Harvey Gerber, President of the BHCA, tonight’s general meeting will have a different speaker format than usual, hosting two speakers, and employing BHCA Board Member and Beverly Hills MSBU Advisory Council Member, Jim Barrows, as an event moderator.

Gerber and the BHCA have fielded several questions about the Path’s use of the former Beverly Hills Motel property and expects several questions and concerns to be aired at tonight’s meeting.

The Path of Citrus County has been serving clients for over 15 years, utilizing a regimen of work and exposure to Christian values as a means of self-improvement for those trapped in impoverished, abusive, or substance-affected environments. Clients who make it through the Path’s initial vetting process are both willing to work and willing to work on themselves.

Topics associated with utilizing the previous Beverly Hills Motel as a Path-run transitional housing facility include, but are not limited to, issues of transparency, zoning, negative impact on nearby property values, sign usage and visibility, overall community impact, and specific property usages.

Submitted by Lou Newman, Publisher, on September 28, 2017 at 5:57 PM.

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