Letter to the Editor: Harvey Gerber, President of Beverly Hills Civic Association

Harvey Gerber
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Save Your Pool, Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, FL–On Tuesday the 19th of September the BOCC is having a Budget Meeting at 5:01 PM at their normal Inverness auditorium at 110 N. Apopka Avenue. Show up at this meeting or come to the meeting at 1:00 where County Administrator Randy Oliver says you may speak about the budget. You should also email the BOCC at Douglas.Wright@bocc.citrus.fl.us or (if you can’t email) then call Mr. Wright at 341-6560. Ask your commissioners to not fill in your community swimming pool with concrete.

Beverly Hills has approximately 5700 households and all of us pay significant real estate taxes. Collectively we pay about $3 million in real estate taxes and only recently did we see some of our roads getting paved (for which we are grateful).

Apparently usage at the pool has been lower than expected this summer. This should come as no surprise with the constant morning rain that hasn’t happened ever before over the past 22 years that I’ve lived in Citrus County. Our office manager gets calls from older residents who use the pool saying that the pool gets closed in the morning and not re-opened the rest of the day even when the sun shines the rest of the day. How can it be fair to judge utilization under these circumstances?

Every day there are a group of 30 to 40 senior citizens who use the pool to improve their health and enjoy their lives. Does this group not deserve a summertime only neighborhood pool even one that does not cost an arm and a leg to heat every winter like Bicentennial Pool does?            

Our swimming pool was refurbished with $120,000 of county money only two years ago with Commissioner Carnahan voicing his support because his kids swim at his backyard pool and he wanted to see the kids in Beverly Hills have a place to enjoy this healthful outdoor activity. The kids do have a great neighborhood pool now but they don’t use it enough because it is “Kid Unfriendly”. For example when adults use noodles in the pool the lifeguards call the noodles stabilization devices. But if a teenager regardless of swim ability wants to use a noodle the answer is no.

Why are “koosh balls” posted as permitted at Bicentennial Pool and not at the Beverly Hills pool?  Kids love to play in the water and these sponge balls promote that play.   

Sodas, water and juices are available at Bicentennial Pool in a vending machine but no such vending machine is available at the Beverly Hills pool.  Why not?   

The pool closes at 5 every day so working parents can’t use the pool. How about keeping the pool open a couple nights a week until 7:00 and see what happens?  Bicentennial has night hours.   

Both pools at Bicentennial and Beverly Hills can be rented at very affordable prices but this information has not been promoted in the Chronicle to any degree.  I hosted a  Back To School Bash for all three Boys & Girls Clubs at Bicentennial Pool and pool staff helped plan the event.  We had a group of about 75 who had a lot of fun.  

In summer 2017 the Boys & Girls Club in Beverly Hills rented the pool during the daytime on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We are grateful to Parks & Rec Director Francine Nobles for allowing this opportunity for these kids to get in the water as part of their summer camp. Maybe next year other groups like Junior ROTC and the Boy Scouts will also rent the pool if they learn how affordable it is. Such groups can play in Beverly Hills Community Park and then take a nature walk on the connecting paved pave to the Central Ridge Community Park and have a swim.    

We are aware that our new Parks & Rec Director Francine Nobles and her facility supervisor Marti Ball  have done a fantastic job marketing the Citrus Springs Community Center and the Central Ridge Community Center in Beverly Hills.   Hundreds of new members and groups are using these facilities now that exercise equipment and programs and events of all kinds are planned and advertised. 

Ask your commissioners to not fill our pool in with concrete and let Parks & Rec. market the pool for both children and retirees in Beverly Hills in 2018 and then make an informed decision.   

Published by Lou Newman, Publisher, on September 18, 2017 at 1:37 PM

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