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6.7 Million Floridians without power, 4 out of 5 without power in Citrus County

According to the website, 6.7 million customers are without power as of 2:56 PM on September 11th.

In Citrus County, 69,065 out of 87,714 electric customers, or 79%, are still without power. Out of the four counties that the Suncoast Standard reports on, Citrus County currently has the highest percentage of customers without power, with Marion County, a close second. 33,755 of the 46,697 Duke Energy customers found in Citrus County, or 72%, are currently without power while 35,310 of 41.017 of Cooperative customers found in Citrus County, or 86%, are currently without power.

In Hernando County, 57,898 out of 94,940 electric customers, or 61%, are still without power. 7,618 of the 11,341 Duke Energy customers found in Hernando County, or 67%, are currently without power while 50,280 of 83,599 Cooperative customers found in Hernando County, or 60%, are currently without power.

In Marion County, 143,485 out of 189,091 electric customers, or 76%, are still without power. 54,513 of the 65,525 Duke Energy customers found in Marion County, or 83%, are currently without power while 48,230 of 73,611 Cooperative customers found in Marion County, or 66%, are currently without power.

In Sumter County, 25,669 out of 73,610 electric customers, or 35%, are still without power. 8,789 out of 10,171 Duke Energy customers found in Sumter County, or 86%, are currently without power while 15,380 of 61,939 Cooperative customers found in Sumter County, or 25%, are currently without power.

Note: If driving and run into a stoplight that isn’t working, treat it like a four-way stop.

Schools extend closings

Citrus County Schools have extended their closure from Tuesday, September 12th to now include Wednesday, September 13. In a communication with local media agencies, Citrus County Schools Superintendent, Sandra “Sam” Himmel, said the decision was “based on a thorough assessment of our facilities, our shelters remaining open, and 2/3 of our community being without electricity.” Sumter County Schools has extended their closure from Monday to now include Tuesday, September 12th according to an update found on their website. At press time, Marion County kept their closure date through Tuesday, September 12th, but updated on its website that it was subject to change and that the School Board Meeting was rescheduled to Monday, September 18th, at 5:30 PM. Earlier in the day on Monday, the Hernando County School District made an earlier decision to close public schools through the week, reopening on Monday, September 18th.

Coastal Citrus and Hernando eye storm surge as high tide finally returns

Officials are expecting 2-3 feet of storm surge above normal high tide. High tide is expected between 7:30-8:30 PM in the various coastal parts of Citrus and Hernando Counties. Earlier today, Hernando County Sheriff, Al Nienhuis, taped a Facebook Live video on Highway 50 near Highway 19 by the Weeki Wachee theme park to inform sight-seers to steer clear of evacuation zones that were being repopulated by residents. Hernando County law enforcement was actively screening vehicles to monitor the re-entry of coastal evacuation zones.

Citrus County Board of County Commission to meet on Tuesday for limited time only, Marion County elected officials set to meet tonight at 7 PM.

The Citrus County BOCC plans to have a very quick meeting on Tuesday, September 12, according to Citrus BOCC Chairman, Scott Carnahan. The meeting is scheduled to take place at the normal time on Tuesday, September 12 at 1 PM; but will be very brief, plans now are to receive storm updates and to reschedule a full meeting and budget hearing to next week so that families can recover and officials can have more time to assess damage. In a written statement, Carnahan shared that he was happy that Citrus County “dodged the bullet. We will be working very hard to get cleaned up.” Carnahan also wanted to “thank all the hard work from EOC and county staff along with the school board. We worked as one to make things happen. Very united front for our great county.”

Marion County will be meeting tonight at 7 PM at the Emergency Operations Center, For more information, contact the Marion County Sheriff’s Office at 352-732-8181.

Marion County authorizes curfew tonight, urges generator safety

Curfew is to begin Monday, September 11 at 10 PM and last until Tuesday, September 12th at 6 AM. Exceptions to this curfew are first responders, utility workers, medical personnel, and necessary government employees and representatives. They were quick to remind those using generators to make a point to use them in well-ventilated areas.

Hernando County sends out water boil notices

The boil notices are in effect until an announcement is made. Affected areas include: Weeki Wachee Woodlands located east of US 19, Eastern Hernando County, east of I-75, and the City of Brooksville.

They suggest letting water run a few seconds before collecting for boil. Bring to a rolling boil for at least a minute. Do not put additives like bleach or other substances to the water as boiling should be sufficient.

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