Citrus County issues mandatory evacuation notice

Hurricane Irma
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Alert message sent to Citrus County residents

Alert message, in its entirety:

“Mandatory Evacuation Notice 9/8/2017

Citrus County Mandatory Evacuation – West of Hwy 19, 1.5 miles east of Hwy 19 excluding Sugarmill Woods, all of the City of Crystal River, all low lying areas, anyone residing in mobile homes, manufactured homes and all unsafe structures throughout the entire county. Act Now! Don’t wait!”

All of Crystal River under mandatory evacuation order

According to the last evacuation order, all of Crystal River is under a mandatory evacuation.

The Suncoast Standard has not received any press releases, communications, or information from the City of Crystal River throughout this entire event.

At press time, it is not known which specific plans, if any, have been put into effect by Crystal River city government to help protect its citizens, businesses, or property.

On the city of Crystal River website the front page has been updated stating that a mandatory evacuation now exists and that the City would be closed at noon on Friday, September 8th. Click this link to see the mandatory evacuation statement issued by the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

Official city information or press releases may be sent to

Citrus County Chairman Carnahan shares a message with Citrus County residents

“I want everyone to realize that Hurricane Irma is very big, very powerful. Please take steps to protect your family, protect yourself. Don’t take this lightly. Prepare for this. Prepare for power outages. Prepare as much as you can.”

New information about Citrus County shelters

Shelters will open at 2 p.m. Friday for voluntary evacuations. The shelters are: general population, Lecanto Middle School; special needs, Renaissance Center; pet-friendly, Lecanto Primary School.

Local government leaders are looking into the possibility of finding additional shelter sites. Forest Ridge Elementary School and other possible locations are currently being considered.

Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center may be evacuating

We’ll update this story as soon as we discover or receive a news release.

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