Alert Citrus message gives voluntary evacuation and shelter information

Hurricane Irma
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Inverness, FL–Alert Citrus just called and sent out e-mail notifications to all those who are enrolled in the system. To get enrolled in Alert Citrus messages, click on this link.

The message below was from Citrus County Sheriff, Mike Prendergast, in its entirety:

“This is Sheriff Mike Prendergast with an emergency message from your Emergency Management Section with important information regarding Hurricane Irma. Do not hang up. Based on current forecasts and predictions for Hurricane Irma, the following actions are in effect for Citrus County.

The Citrus County Board of County Commissioners has declared a local state of emergency and a voluntary evacuation of all residents in mobile homes, manufactured homes, recreational vehicles, similar type structures or vehicles and tent campers throughout the entire county. I repeat, this is for the entire county. You should evacuate your location and either leave the county to a safe location or go to one of the county shelters as a last resort. Please refer to your evacuation plan and ensure that you have all important documents and papers with you when you leave.

Shelter locations are as follows: For the general population shelter, go to the Lecanto Middle School, located at 3800 West Educational Path, Lecanto. For the pet friendly shelter, go to the Lecanto Primary School located at 3790 West Educational Path, Lecanto. For those persons registered as Special Needs in accordance with the State of Florida, go to the Renaissance School located at 3630 West Educational Path, Lecanto. West Educational Path is approximately 2.5 miles south of the intersection of Hwy 44 and Hwy 491.

The shelters will open on Friday, September 8, at 2PM. I repeat, the shelters will open Friday at 2PM. If you are going to a shelter, bring a small bag with clothing, toiletries, medicine, pillow and blanket or sleeping bag. There is only approx. 20 square feet per person. For more information on what to bring to the pet friendly shelter, visit and click on the emergency management tab and then pets.

Roadways are congested already and will become even more congested as people evacuate from our county and those coming from the south to get away from the hurricane’s path.
DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POTENIAL OF THIS HURRICANE. Citrus County will experience high winds. Please Act Now And Evacuate For Your Safety!

For more information, go to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page or visit

The citizen information line is 352-249-2775. Do not call 9-1-1 unless it is an emergency.”

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