Latest Hurricane Irma information: Sept. 6 at 1 PM

Hurricane Irma
Photo Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

According to several long-term models, Hurricane Irma is now tracking more to the East

Basic Information as of September 6th at 11 AM from NOAA

Center location: 18.2 N, 64.0 W

Maximum sustained wind: 185 MPH

Movement: WNW at 16th MPH

How much difference a day can make

Hurricane Irma
Photo Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – September 6th

According to the latest forecast cone, Hurricane Irma may be impacting the Atlantic Coast of Florida.

Hurricane Irma
Photo credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – September 5th

According to yesterday’s forecast cone, Hurricane Irma was expected to take a path that ran up the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Spaghetti tracks show a movement away from Florida

Hurricane Irma
Photo Credit: South Florida Water Management District

Only 8 of 20 storm tracks now have Hurricane Irma affecting the State of Florida.

Even with current computer modeling tracking the storm more to the East, NOAA places a 50-60% likelihood of the Suncoast Region receiving at least tropical force sustained winds by as early as Saturday afternoon. Hurricane Irma’s tropical force wind range currently extends out at least 175 miles.

Hurricane Irma
Photo Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Clarifications and concerns about re-entry tags

For those Suncoast Region, especially residents living in Citrus County, many have contacted the Suncoast Standard about re-entry tags.

Re-entry tags are not mandatory for residents who return to their homes after storm conditions pass. They only make passage into affected communities with mandatory traffic stops quicker and more efficient on drivers and stationed public safety officials alike since a visible hang tag represents a quicker verification process than the inspection of a driver’s license or other proof of residence.

According to a recent Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post, driver’s license, identification card, car registration, or utility bill provides sufficient proof of residence required to receive a re-entry tag.

Re-entry tags are being issued at the Operations Center, the Emergency Operations Center, the Beverly Hills substation, and the Crystal River substation.

The roll out of re-entry tags may have been done to minimize looting or to make the processing of mandatory traffic stops more efficient, but the roll out of re-entry tags has created some anxiety in the community.

The Suncoast Standard has encountered two main concerns by local residents.

It has not yet been disclosed by the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office which communities will have mandatory traffic stops; nor has it been disclosed how law enforcement officials will confront the possibility of looters using stolen car registrations, utility statements, or re-entry hang tags to gain passage to neighborhoods.

Area meetings and political events have been cancelled due to Hurricane Irma

According to Leon McClellan, the Agricultural Alliance of Citrus County meeting this Monday has been cancelled due to Hurricane Irma.

Also, the Nature Coast Republican Club of Citrus County has cancelled its statewide candidate forum originally scheduled on September 9th at 9 AM at the Beverly Hills Lions Club.

We will keep reporting on cancelled governmental and club meetings as they are received or as they are discovered.

Submitted by Lou Newman, Publisher, on September 6th at 1:37 PM

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