Latest Hurricane Irma forecast models: Sept. 4th, 2 AM update

Hurricane Irma
Photo Credit: Snapshot of GFS long-term modeling predicts Hurricane Irma making landfall in South Florida on September 11th.

Long-term weather forecast models now have Hurricane Irma taking a more westward path, potentially making Florida landfall on September 11th

Monday, September 4th, 2 AM update on Hurricane Irma

The following long-term GFS precipitation weather forecast model is brought to you by Once you click on the highlighted link, you will need to hit the play button to start the loop animation. The loop ends with a predicted South Florida landfall.

Click here to watch the animated forecast model.

County-by-County Emergency Management Plans

Immediately after Labor Day, the Suncoast Standard will contact and allow each county government an opportunity to explain its preparations and emergency management plans to the public. Due to differences in location, population density, spatial area, and available governmental assets, differences in County Emergency Management plans are anticipated.

If Hurricane Irma hits Florida, and impacts the local region, Suncoast region residents may be interested in obtaining information about school and government closings, shelter locations, sand bag filling locations, ways to report price gouging, important websites and pertinent links, where to access important FEMA and Red Cross information updates, evacuation routes, and how to receive localized advice from public officials.

Citrus, Hernando, Marion, and Sumter County governments will only have five to six days to establish and put plans in place.

Latest list of different model tracks now show Hurricane Irma potentially making landfall in South Florida and running up the center of the state

Hurricane Irma
Photo credit:

The collection of forecast models some refer to as “spaghetti models” also confirms a westward migration as 14 of 20 hurricane forecast model tracks now have Hurricane Irma impacting the State of Florida.

Please continue to check in with the Suncoast Standard for the latest developments concerning Hurricane Irma.

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