Citrus County Commissioner, Ron Kitchen, to run for re-election

Citrus County Commissioner Ron Kitchen
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For Immediate Release:

Kitchen to Run for Re-election to County Commission

Ron Kitchen Opens Campaign Account for Citrus County Commission in 2018

Sugarmill Woods, FL September 1, 2017:

County Commissioner Ron Kitchen, has opened a campaign account and filed with the Supervisor of Elections to seek re-election in 2018 to the Citrus County Commission in District 2.

Statement by Ron Kitchen:

“It has been a great honor to serve the people of Citrus County as a commissioner since 2014. I feel we have made great strides in turning our county around and moving it in the right direction, but there is still much to be done. I would like the opportunity to continue the work we have begun and keep the county moving ahead.

We continue to face challenging times and leadership is needed now more than ever to establish a financially sound path for our community that maintains our quality of life.  I  would like to continue my effort to bring a stable, experienced and conservative voice to the Commission that helps us move forward.”


Ron Kitchen

21 Linder Drive, Homosassa, Fl., 34446


After sending the press release to local media agencies, Commissioner Kitchen conducted a brief phone interview with he Suncoast Standard.

At this stage of the election, the Standard only sought answers concerning the motivation behind another run for public office and governing priorities, if re-elected into office for a second term.

When asked about the perceived state of the Citrus County Board of County Commission, and why he wanted to run again, Kitchen replied that “most people I know are happy with the current direction the county is going in.”

He continued, “There’s still much to be done. Issues like the landfill, recycling, and code enforcement.”

Kitchen came into office in 2014 during a time when previous policy makers were intent on spending public county funds on interest-backed special projects. Kitchen made it a point to share that “every year I voted for the roll back rate.” 

In regards to using a political consultant to run his campaign, Kitchen shared “I’m going to run like I ran last time, by myself, with the help of my family.”

During this election cycle, BOCC Chairman, Scott Carnahan, will also have to choose if he is seeking re-election. Political insiders expect Carnahan to announce his intention to run for re-election in the coming weeks after Labor Day.

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