Local residents raise concerns about Spectrum

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Inverness, FL–Over the last year, the Suncoast Standard has received several tips that have led to breaking significant news stories.

In the last few days, the Suncoast Standard has received some vague tips and requests to investigate Spectrum for both billing irregularities and lower internet performance.

It should be noted that most Spectrum customers have not reported any issues after the Brighthouse Networks takeover. And, as publisher of the Suncoast Standard, it also needs to be disclosed that I am a Spectrum customer and have not seen billing prices arbitrarily go up and I have not witnessed that my in-home internet performance has suffered at my particular residence.

That being said, several Citrus County-area families have claimed on Facebook, Nextdoor, other social media platforms, and to the Suncoast Standard, that their Spectrum bill pricing has fluctuated, without cause or explanation, and during a period of time, when their in-home internet service has also experienced performance issues. Other complaints claim that Spectrum is establishing new service visit fees and hiking existing fees.

Charter Communications, the parent company of Spectrum, recently purchased both Time Warner and Brighthouse communications, forming the second-largest cable company in the United States, behind Comcast.

In a January, 2017 article found in The Verge, now Verizon may be seeking to buy out Charter Communications, citing reports from the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. To read the full article about the potential Charter Communications buyout, click this link. 

A potential future buyout of Spectrum’s parent company may make addressing potential problems facing some of Spectrum’s customers more difficult.

But first, and foremost, we have to begin with getting your input.

Please feel free to express your concerns about your Spectrum account on our website, our Facebook page, by calling out Tipline at (352) 637-0019 or by e-mailing us at info@suncoaststandard.com.

The Suncoast Standard attempted to contact Lorelie Johnson, Director of Communications – Florida of Charter Communications. But at press deadline, Johnson was unavailable for comment.

Submitted by Lou Newman, Publisher, on August 28, 2017 at 5:15 PM.

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  1. My cable bill from spectrum went up about 10 bucks right after the takeover and has remained the same since. Basic plus cable, one “enhanced” cable box , interenet, 147 a month

  2. I’ll try to make it as short as possible in the past eight months we have been turned around so many times and promised so many different things I have had so many people in and out of my home it’s ridiculous I’m talking nonstop 2 to 3 times a week with breaks in between because they totally exhausted us had to replace carpet from them tramping in and out peering in rain mud let’s not forget they broke the hatch in my garage The man apologized when he let go of the latter and it broke it did I complain no I let them know what happened but to replace it would cost us over $500 all this they know being the bend our house so many times continuously R2Bees started in the living room would go on and off anywhere between 10 to 50 times within 10 minutes intervals therefore we didn’t use the TV there because manufacture when I call said he could do extensive damage to the TV to get a hold of the cable company which we were doing that it started in the bedroom this one on from the statements when I tried to get a credit since we did not use the TVs for that long. They were supposed to be generous and credit us 489.00 did not see it on the bill when I called they said she was not authorized to give us that much of a credit we were content was on the phone for days and weeks I have two TVs in my garage that one bad can I prove it was the cable company no but they were new supervisor also acknowledge seeing them he also seen the damage to the walls into the hatch that was destroyed pulling the ladder down in the attic what did I get $24 credit They put you in circles and pass the back and expect customers to keep calling and calling and calling until they wear you out eight months I got $24 credit let me also state it which time phone was on and off And Internet that’s another nightmare still doesn’t work Half the time let me also mention the people that contacted me with credits five different people that I could not understand asked him where they were from a total different country did I give up yes because I don’t have no life it was a continuous battle every day for as long as I can remember if there was some other company out there I’ll be there I think that the practice is very very shabby and taking care of their customers not what they put on TV I laugh every time I see the commercial if this is customer service God help them they owe us a lot of money not only in refund but the damage they’ve done to my home !!! It’s time people stand up to them I’m glad it’s all over the papers Only hoping they put the truth on their commercials now !! Let’s not forget my bill has gone up and down forever! When I call about it it goes back to where it should be to high then back up two months later another $ 10 $15 They should do right by people and refund the money they say they’re going to refund us !! Also for paying too much for too long !! Misery in Crystal River !!

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