Citrus County resident dies in auto accident in subdivision area without traffic light

Citrus County Crash

Hernando, FL–On Wednesday, August 23rd, at approximately 11 AM, a two-vehicle accident took place near the Brentwood subdivision entrance which led to a fatality and 6 of 7 occupants being transported to area hospitals, some by helicopter evacuation.

According to the FHP official press release, Thomas R. Pickell, JR, 88, the driver of a 2012 Toyota, was traveling eastbound on CR-486 (Norvell Bryant Highway) and attempted to make a left turn onto Brentwood Circle when a 2014 Dodge minivan struck the car on the passenger-side. The Pickells sustained critical injuries and were both transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center. A few hours later, Winifred R. Pickell, 84, expired due to her accident-related injuries.

After making contact with the Toyota, the Dodge minivan overturned.

Citrus County Accident
ZODEE AULD/Suncoast Standard -The remnants of a Citrus County accident that took place near the entrance of a subdivision without a traffic light.

The minivan had five occupants including the driver at the time of the incident. Four of the five occupants were transported to area hospitals for either minor or serious injuries, including a one-year old infant who was reported as sustaining serious injuries.

The Brentwood entrance to County Road 486 is one of several Citrus County subdivisions that have entrances facing four or six lane highways without traffic lights.

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  1. So sorry for the families and their loss. My dad was breifly a resident at the Brentwood Nursing facility. Not only is the entrance a problem, but the entire community has wooden stop signs that are different enough from the standard signs that I drove through a couple on accident.

    I hope something is done about this. Life is too precious.

  2. Its called an ‘accident’ because thats exactly what it is. May God bless the injured family. Bring them back to good health . Also, God bless the Pickell’s, restore his health and Godspeed to Mrs Pickell.

  3. I am truly so upset with the loss of Winnie and the injuries to Tommy. It is a great loss for us and our community of Laurel Ridge. They lived three houses down from us. Such caring, sweet people. God will surely take care of Winnie and help Tommy recover from his injuries.

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