August 21st solar eclipse event in Suncoast Region threatened by clouds

Citrus County Solar Eclipse

A tropical low, Invest 92, currently located to the east of the Bahamas, is being closely monitored for tropical development.  If a potential tropical system nearing Florida wasn’t bad enough, Invest 92 will also be responsible for pushing moisture and clouds into the Suncoast Region at the worst possible time, during the August 21st solar eclipse event.

Throughout the various counties of the Suncoast Region, eclipse totality ranged in the low to mid 80% range.

While cloud cover hampers direct viewing of the eclipse, it may enhance the eclipse in other ways.

According to historical weather observations, temperatures normally drop about 5 degrees during a summer eclipse. With cloud cover, the temperature dip may become more pronounced. The cloud cover may also make the partial eclipse darker than it would have appeared with clear skies.

For local residents who are planning to find a direct viewing location for the eclipse not obscured by cloud cover, consulting weather and traffic conditions prior to planning a trip may be advisable.

For those who are able to see the eclipse, either due to traveling or those who stay in the Suncoast Region and catch a break in the cloud cover, please do not look directly at the Sun during the eclipse, even if the Sun is partially or totally obscured by cloud cover.

Those planning to directly view the sun during the eclipse event should consider wearing properly-certified eyewear, even with cloud cover, as advised by the American Astronomical Society, and others.

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