Citrus County Property Appraiser website allegedly hacked by Iranians


By Daniel Wright and Tifani Long

Inverness, Fl– On Monday, August 14th at approximately 6:38pm it would appear that Iranians have hacked the Citrus County Property Appraiser’s website. The website shows a picture and Google asks to translate from Persian. A few large words are displayed in English, “Hacked By Iranian Hackers,” is displayed directly under the first of two images and in the Browser Tab. Below the first image, and a paragraph allegedly in Persian script, is a second photo with a caption that reads: “WE WILL AVENGE I swear to the slain throat of this dear martyr [Mohsen Hojaji], who was killed for Imam Hossein’s path, that we will never stop chasing this evil progeny and destroying this dangerous tumour inside the body of Islam until every single one of them is eradicated.  8/10/17.”

Another line of what appears to be Persian script is beneath the second image. At the foot of the page, it reads: “We are: Mamad Warning | Ahor4 | M4mad Turk | H4m3d | Pr073c70r | 0x3a | AliHack 051 | Sir.Mahyar | Ali.Sh.Unique.” A basic Google search seems to indicate that these names among others have been involved in previous hacks of other sites under names such as “Haxor_hacker” and “Bax 026 Of Iran.” Other sites targeted include Belridge Secondary College along with other organizational and commercial sites at least as far back as June 8 of this year.

It appeared that it was only the home page of the site that had been hacked. All other subpages, seemed to be functioning properly.

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