Zodee Auld, previous contributor to the Citrus County Chronicle, becomes Chief Photographer of the Suncoast Standard

Zodee Auld, Chief Photographer, Suncoast Standard

Inverness, FL–The Suncoast Standard is pleased to announce the addition of Zodee Auld to its team. Auld, a professional photographer and independent contractor, has been a contributor to the Citrus County Chronicle over the past two years and personally responsible for 100 front page cover images.

Auld will now assume the role of Chief Photographer with the Standard.

Starting on August 17th, the Standard will become a daily digital website and a weekly newspaper, and as such, will require professionals, like Auld, who possess a strong track record of providing high-quality content.

According to Lou Newman, CEO and Publisher of the Suncoast Standard, the decision to make Auld the Standard’s Chief Photographer is an indicator of significant first-year growth. “Now that the Standard has become a weekly, regional newspaper, people have started to take notice. Readers now have a choice in Citrus County, and throughout the Suncoast Region, of how they consume local news. They can go with other sources that rely heavily on third-party feeds like the Associated Press or they can choose a conservative, hometown paper with all local news, local writers, and local photographers. If the Standard is to provide daily content on its website and social media pages and weekly content in its newsprint editions, then available professional photographers and writers will be given offers to take on prominent roles in a team-based environment.”

Auld, commenting on her new role as the Chief Photographer of the Standard, remarked “I am honored that I was given this awesome responsibility. I am floored that they will still let me work with any other newspapers or clients during my down times.”

The Suncoast Standard welcomes Zodee Auld. We are honored that we were given this awesome opportunity.

Submitted by Tifani Long, Lead Graphic Designer and Lou Newman, CEO and Publisher
Suncoast Standard, (c) August 4, 2017 at 8:34 PM. All rights reserved.


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