Citrus County Commander, Buddy Grant, resigns during active investigation

Citrus County Undersheriff, Buddy Grant

Inverness, FL– As of 5 PM today, Commander Grant submitted his resignation directly to Sheriff Prendergast, effective immediately. From an internal, department-wide e-mail sent out by Sheriff Prendergast today at 6:04 PM, “At this time, the administrative investigation is still ongoing.”

In a separate e-mail, dated May 23rd, Sheriff Prendergast first informed all Citrus County Sheriff’s Office employees that Commander Grant was put on paid administrative leave so that an anonymous complaint could be looked into. The Sheriff’s Office policy states “All complaints included anonymous complaints against the agency or agency personnel will be recorded (documented) and investigated. Anonymous complaints will be investigated to the extent possible with the information provided.”

The Standard received on May 19th, an anonymous set of e-mails from someone or some group using the pseudonym, Leo Justice. The e-mails were sent simultaneously to each Citrus County Commissioner, the Standard, the Chronicle, and Real News Real Fast. Leo Justice informed all parties that on two previous dates, April 7th and May 10th, previous attempts were made to bring these complaints directly to Sheriff Prendergast. One e-mail stated that Mr. Grant was involved with an auction scheme to mechanically disable an upper-end golf cart in an attempt to acquire the vehicle at a greatly-reduced price.  After placing a public records request with Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Standard received a 2015 FDLE Investigative Report that confirmed the receipt of a complaint about the golf cart purchase scheme. In another e-mail, Leo Justice accuses Mr. Grant “of several policy violations and issues of moral fortitude.”

Prior to his resignation, and the receipt of anonymous complaints, Mr. Grant already faced federal and state charges of gender discrimination and retaliation involving former deputy Heather Cogar.

Suncoast Standard (c) June 8, 2017 at 8:50 PM

Submitted by: Lou Newman, Publisher


  1. How about this “Leo Justice” come forward with his real identity? Sounds to me like it was a dirty plan to get rid of him before he got rid of the riff raff in the Sheriff’s office.

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