BREAKING NEWS: Citrus County Undersheriff, Buddy Grant, allegedly placed on administrative leave

Citrus County Undersheriff, Buddy Grant

Inverness, FL–The Suncoast Standard has received several tips stating that Citrus County Undersheriff, Buddy Grant, has been placed on administrative leave. Unnamed sources have shared with the Suncoast Standard that a complaint against Undersheriff Grant has surfaced and that Citrus County Sheriff, Mike Prendergast, has requested the assistance of another nearby law enforcement agency to conduct an independent Internal Affairs investigation.

We have requested information, via e-mail, from the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office about this development and are still awaiting a reply.

We have requested information, via e-mail, from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office about this development and received the following statement:

“At the request of Citrus County Sheriff Mike Prendergast, Sheriff Nocco provided a resource to conduct a fact-finding inquiry concerning the Undersheriff of the CCSO.

A Pasco Sheriff’s Office captain will look into the anonymous complaint and provide Sheriff Prendergast with his findings. We are pleased to be able to provide this resource to the CCSO to provide them with a fair and unbiased report.

We have the utmost respect for Sheriff Prendergast and the CCSO and, as always, we will handle this issue professionally.”

Sources have also informed the Standard that there was an emergency CCSO command staff meeting held today at the Citrus County Emergency Operations Center and that a department-wide e-mail was sent out about this development by Sheriff Prendergast and his command staff.

The Suncoast Standard will be sending a public records request on Wednesday morning to the Citrus County Sheriff’s office requesting a copy of that departmental e-mail. Please check back with the Standard for additional details as this story develops further.

Suncoast Standard (c) May 23, 2017 at 9:32 PM
Submitted by: Lou Newman, CEO/Publisher, and Dawn Jaglowski, Investigative Reporter


  1. He needs to be looked into. To many under handed things has his name connected to it. I don’t like him and feel uncomfortable when he’s around.

    • Buddy Grant has been a professional law enforcement officer for many years and has done a great job ! Looks like the new Guy wants to remove anyone that might ask him why he is conducting his office they way he is currently ? Real shame for Citrus County !!

  2. Actually, it looks like new sheriff is cleaning out the corrupt “Dawsy” people. They should look into the deputies also. Especially Shaffer. I wrote to Dawsy about my traffic stop and was called back by Doug. Nothing ever came of it. I wrote everything down and filed it for the future. I have kept a log of the things I have seen the deputies do that the real citizens would receive citations for. Someday…….

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