Inverness Police Department in the works?

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The Inverness City Manager, Frank DiGiovanni, shared with the Suncoast Standard its plans to bring back a Police Department in the near-future. The City had a police department that ended service in April, 2004. For the last 12 years, Inverness has relied on the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) for law enforcement services.

During a recent interview with Mr. DiGiovanni that was initiated to report about the one-year anniversary of the Inverness Fire Department (IFD), Mr. DiGiovanni stated that as the “City [of Inverness] develops and expands the downtown, and as people begin walking downtown and depot, only three blocks from town to the depot district, we are going to need beat cops and bike cops. We are going to want that personality of law enforcement embedded into the social fabric.”

Mr. DiGiovanni continued, “Is policing going to stay the same? No. When the city reaches a minimum of 12k residents, 15k is a no-brainer, you’ll probably see a breakout of certain elements, like parking enforcement, constables, and night time constables. Right now the arrangements with CCSO are fine. And we can’t compete with that. The police department we had before had such a high turnover because we could not compete with the sheriff’s office. They would come to the city for less pay and within a year they would go to CCSO. At the time, it didn’t work. But it will work at some point. The city will meet those goals. The hospital is investing millions with all plans to stay and improve. They had no plans to go to Lecanto. The County did, but they knew what they were doing when they bought this hospital. The Villages just purchased land right over the bridge and Citrus Memorial will be the hospital of choice. We will continue to grow as a medical community, and we are going to need policing. A different approach than what it is. Nothing is today or tomorrow. But it will happen.”

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